The Rash May Appear In Different Ways

The rash may appear in different ways: in the form of small spots, papules, nodules, not delivering patient anxiety and self disappears in about six weeks. In this disease, a rash appears not only in the stomach, but in the upper body.  Now, about the nature of non-infectious diseases, are accompanied by eruptions.
The rash on her stomach – If you are lucky to not catch an infection and rash still to come from somewhere, then the reason is most likely an allergic nature. Rash such often are atopic dermatitis, provoked, for example, wearing of the fabric body first sensitized and then caused allergic reactions. In this case, there is abdominal swelling and redness, and then – the vesicles. Friction causes the body or clothing to the bursting of bubbles, wetting and itching that can cause of infection, so it is important to observe good personal hygiene.

Urticaria – Another disease, which may signal a rash on her stomach, a rash, of which there are proliferating on the eyes and confluent papules with each other. This condition is often triggered by allergens and reception is dangerous because swelling may hurt the vital organs.

Sudamen – Sometimes the cause of prickly heat rash is provoked by a violation of the sweat glands that produce sweat in excess. It appears with occlusion of sweat glands on the skin appear small vials containing transparent liquid. In this case it is a crystalline heat rash, hives in which “living” on the body for several hours to several days.

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